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Project Description

Weatherhaven has the capability to provide complete turn-key camp capabilities such as this rapidly deployable 60-man helicopter camp. The key requirement of the camp being to support the forward deployment and operation of the client’s AW-139 helicopter fleet for remote missions, often in extremely hot, sandy environments. The camp was designed to be fully scalable allowing operation of a single or multiple helicopter deployment by utilising a flexible, modular approach to the supporting equipment and infrastructure.

The central element of the camp are the inflatable hangars, composite dispersals and aircraft refuelling equipment. The use of inflatable technology for the hangars provides for a very rapid deployment capability in which to provide protection for the helicopters from the elements when not in use and for first line maintenance operations. The remainder of the camp includes all of the equipment and camp infrastructure required to support both the helicopter operations and personnel, including a MECC kitchen facility and operations rooms, soft-shells for accommodation and dining shelters and nonexpanding container based ablutions and medical facilities.

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